Villa Lumia Bali – The Kitchen

Villa Lumia Bali offers a better dining experience than most restaurants in the area. The Chefs (Ketut and Komang) propose an extensive menu featuring traditional Indonesian cuisine, as well as, international dishes for a unique cultural experience and to accommodate everyone’s palate.

You can trust them on the selection of dishes to be served during lunch or dinner as they have been working with International guests for several years now. Should you have any special requests or dietary requirements please feel free to inform the chefs who will ensure to comply with your wishes.

To get the best culinary experience, we recommend our guests to speak with Ketut and Komang in advance so that they can do the shopping in a timely fashion during the day.

Food and most Drinks are charged on a cost basis plus 25% and will be added to our guest’s account and payable in total upon checkout.

If you prefer to do your own cooking, do not hesitate to make use of the kitchen facilities yourself and please let us know if you need help with your shopping during your stay!

Villa Lumi Bali - Fresh Food

Cooking with the Chefs

If you are enticed (like most of us) by the Indonesian culinary classics such as the delicious Pepes Ikan (fish in banana leaves), Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice), Sate Ayam (Chicken Satay) or Nasi Campur (selection of local tapas), Ketut and Komang will be happy to show you some local recipes and tricks that would enable you to bring back home some Balinese cooking know-how. This is a complimentary service of Villa Lumia!

Villa Lumia Bali - Cooking with the Chefs
The wine cellar and the Bar

The government of Indonesia limits the importation of alcoholic beverages by applying extremely high import duties. We therefore suggest to our guests to bring in bottles within the authorized limit of 1L of liquor per adult (over 18 years of age). Please note that luggage from international flights are systematically X-rayed upon arrival to detect non-compliant passengers. Villa Lumia does not apply a corkage fee for your own bottles.

Fortunately, it is easy and inexpensive to purchase some decent local beers or wines in Bali and we will make sure to keep some of those within our controlled temperature stock.

Villa Lumia also includes a wine cellar that enables us to keep some foreign bottles at the right temperature for the wine connoisseurs. We will do our best to maintain some stock available (priced separately) but once again we advise our guests to bring your own, from abroad, whenever possible.

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